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v1.-1.0.318 (13-06-2019)

Task Force Arma 3 radio

Arma 3 Team Speak Radio Plugin (documentation) v0.9.12 (10-10-2016)

Thanks for supporting TFAR on MakeArmaNotWar!


  • Download and unzip 0.9.12 radio archive.
  • Copy the @task_force_radio folder to the ...\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 folder.
  • Install the Teamspeak Plugin by double-clicking the Plugin Installer in the @task_force_radio\teamspeak folder.

TFAR uses the latest version of CBA (Community Base Addons). If you don't have it already you can get it here.


  • Make sure Caps Lock key is not used for talking in TeamSpeak
  • Turn off voice over network (VON) in ARMA 3 or change key to different than Caps Lock (to avoid voice doubling).
  • Open the plugin list in Team Speak: Settings > Plugins.
    1. Enable Task Force Arma 3 Radio.
    2. Recommended to disable ACRE and Radio ts version if they are installed, to avoid conflicts.
    3. Just in case – there is a Reload All button at the bottom left to restart all the plugins.
  • Make sure the volume of alerts is not turned off in Team Speak: Options > Payback > Sound Pack Volume - set a positive value.
  • Start the game with @CBA_A3 & @task_force_radio add-ons (Community Base Addons: A3 & Task Force Arrowhead Radio). It can be done by adding the mod names to the game shortcut after the EXE file …\arma3.exe -mod=@CBA_A3;@task_force_radio, however, it is recommended to enable the necessary mods in the game settings (Settings -> Expansions).
  • Join the same channel with other players using the radio, or you will be navigated to the TaskForceRadio channel, if there is one at the start of a mission.

You will get the same nick both in the game profile and TeamSpeak - plugin will change your nickname in TS during the game.

Make sure your game nickname contains at least 3 characters.

It is not recommended to use the plugin with simultaneous connection to multiple servers in TeamSpeak.

It is recommended to disable the TeamSpeak built-in alert sounds: Options> Notifications> Sound Pack: "Sounds Deactivated". To use this option, restart TeamSpeak.


Keys Action
Push-to-talk button in TeamSpeak Direct Speech.
Caps Lock To talk on a radio.
CTRL + Caps Lock To talk on a long range radio.
CTRL + P To open the personal radio interface (the radio must be in the inventory slot). In that case if you have a number of radios - you can select the one needed. It is also possible to set the radio as active (the one that will be used for transmission). Also it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code.
CTRL + + [/] Cycle through available shortwave radios.
CTRL + Up/Left/Right Arrow Rapid switching of shortwave stereo mode.
NUM[1-8] Rapid switching of shortwave radio channels.
ALT + P To open a long range radio interface (a long range radio must be put on your back, or you should be in a vehicle in a position of a driver, shooter, or pilot assistant). If a number of radios are available – you’ll be offered to choose one. Besides, one of them can be set as active. Also it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code.
CTRL + ALT + [/] Cycle through available long range radios.
ALT + Up/Left/Right Arrow Rapid switching of long range stereo mode.
CTRL + NUM[1-9] Rapid switching of long range radio channels.
CTRL + TAB To change the direct speech volume. You can talk: Whispering, Normal or Yelling. Does not affect the signal volume in the radio transmission.
CTRL + ] Select next personal radio.
CTRL + [ Select previous personal radio.
CTRL + ALT + ] Select next long range radio.
CTRL + ALT + [ Select previous long range radio.
CTRL + [←,↑,→] Change personal radio stereo mode.
ALT + [←,↑,→] Change long range radio stereo mode.
T Transmit on additional channel of personal radio.
Y Transmit on additional channel of long range radio.
ESC To exit from the radio interface.

The Hotkeys can be changed by going into Options -> Controls -> Configure Addons and selecting the TFAR category. For more Information check out the CBA Keybinding system.


Radio Side Range/Distance
Radio AN/PRC-152 (personal) BLUEFOR 30-512Mhz / 5 km
Radio RF-7800S-TR (rifleman) BLUEFOR 30-512Mhz / 2 км
Radio RT-1523G (ASIP) (long range) BLUEFOR 30-87Mhz / 20 km (30 for inbuilt)
Radio AN/ARC-210 (airborne) BLUEFOR 30-87Mhz / 40 km
Radio AN/PRC-154 (rifleman) INDEPENDENT 30-512Mhz / 2 km
Radio AN/PRC148-JEM (personal) INDEPENDENT 30-512Mhz / 5 km
Radio AN/PRC-155 (long range) INDEPENDENT 30-87Mhz / 20 km (30 for inbuilt)
Radio AN/ARC-164 (airborne) INDEPENDENT 30-87Mhz / 40 km
Radio FADAK (personal) OPFOR 30-512Mhz / 5 km
Radio PNR-1000A (rifleman) OPFOR 30-512Mhz / 2 km
Radio MR3000 (long range) OPFOR 30-87Mhz / 20 km (30 for inbuilt)
Radio MR6000L (airborne) OPFOR 30-87Mhz / 40 km
Underwater transceiver All 32-41kHz / 70-300 m. (depending on waves)

Not all radios presented here, also next airborne 40km radios are supported : "AN/ARC-201", "AN-ARC-164", "MR6000L"

Personal and long range radios of one faction support a single protocol, therefore they can communicate with each other. If the transmission is carried out from the personal one – the sound will be high-frequency. In the case of long range transmission – it’ll be low-frequency.

Radio propagation is affected by terrain. Worst case - if you are right behind a steep hill. If you go from hill edge into the direction of the transmitter you will get better signal propagation. Best case - line of sight.

Personal and long range radios support transmitting and receiving on two channels simultaneously. By pressing "Setup additional channel" switch on radio current channel will be marked as additional. After switching to another channel you will hear both - active and additional channels. It is possible to setup different stereo modes for active and additional channels. Use 'T' to transmit on additional channel of personal radio, 'Y' - for long range radio.

Radios distribution
  • By default, a long range radio is given to squad leaders. If a player is wearing a backpack – he will automatically put it on the ground.

  • A short range radio is given to players who have a ItemRadio in the inventory. Radio distribution may take a few seconds (follow messages in the bottom left of the screen).

  • A long range radio is available for a driver, commander, shooter, and copilot. Not all the vehicles support built-in radios.

  • Each vehicle slot has its own radio, which must be configured separately. If you plan to change the position in a vehicle – configure the radio in all the slots beforehand (for instance, on a driver or shooter slot).

  • Vehicles are classified into open and closed (isolated). If you are in an isolated vehicle, you will almost not hear voices from outside (and vice versa). However, if you turn out of the vehicle, you will hear voices both from inside and outside.

Radio interception
  • Radio can be taken from killed players, and given to each other. Thus, they retain all the settings (channels, frequency, volume).

It is recommended to take radios opening the inventory at the place where it is (so that it is not lost because of the game bugs).

  • In vehicles radio settings are also saved.
  • By default, radios of each faction use their own encryption codes, so you will not hear enemy talking, even when setting the enemy’s frequency. To listen to the enemy’s net (and talk on the air) - it’s necessary by any means to capture an enemy radio station.

To listen to an enemy’s long range radio (backpack) it is recommended to be in your own vehicle. In this case, you will be able to listen to the enemy’s net using a backpack and transmit broadcast to your allies using the radio in the vehicle as the active one.

  • You can not talk underwater (even wearing a diving suit). However, at close distance your companion can hear some indistinct speech (exception - if you are underwater in an isolated vehicle).
  • Being underwater, you can faintly hear muffled voices on land.
  • Use an underwater transceiver for communication among divers.
  • You can not use radio communication underwater (neither to talk nor to hear). If you want to pass some message on land - surface. Exception - submarine in the periscope depth (divers can use a long range radio there).
Plugin operation modes

The plugin supports two operation modes - serious and lightweight modes.

  • Lightweight mode — is a default mode. It is designed mainly for cooperative games. Its special feature is that using the plugin players can hear the dead, users not playing, users playing on a different server and users playing without the plugin avoiding the radio (just like with TeamSpeak). This makes games against people less convenient, but allows your friend to easily find out where you play, what's your frequency, etc. Naturally, those who play on the same server with activated addons and plugins will hear each other according to "radio laws": taking into account the radio frequency and distance.

  • Serious mode — designed for games, where players act against other players. To enable it, you need to create a TeamSpeak channel called TaskForceRadio (password – 123). Players must enable the radio plugin, go to the server and plan the mission joining parties’ channels. At the start of the mission in a few seconds players will be directed to TaskForceRadio channel. In this case, players will hear only live players with the enabled plugin playing on the same server. Dead players, in turn, can communicate with each other. In case of a dead player respawn - he will hear only live players again. After the game ends, the players are transferred to the channel used for planning before the mission start.

Solving problems
  • Pipe error 230 - most likely you’ve forgot to enable the plugin in TeamSpeak.
  • In TS the plugin is red and not loaded - most likely you will have to update TeamSpeak.
  • Try to reload plugin.
  • Caps Lock actions aren’t working - perhaps because of gaming keyboards, where Caps Lock code is different. Try to change the keybinding.
  • If due to an error or something else you cannot hear other players any more, even outside the game, open Setup 3D Sound in TeamSpeak and click Center All.
  • To eliminate possible errors with the plugin, developers may need the TeamSpeak log. To copy it, select Tools -> Client Log, select all the checkboxes above and, selecting all the text by CTRL A, copy it to the clipboard.
  • If TeamSpeak stops working (Heaven forbid!) using the plugin - it shows a window with a description where you can find a dump (the path to the file). Please send this dumpfile to a developer.
To TeamSpeak servers admins

To be on the safe side, reduce the level of flood protection: Right-click on the server> Edit Virtual Server> More> Anti Flood, set 30, 300, 3000 values (top to bottom).

To Developers

If this implementation ever becomes popular, it’d be great to avoid piles of incompatible forks. For this reason, if you’d like to contribute to the project, contact me - it is very likely that your implementations will be merged to the main branch. Looking forward to your Pull Requests :)

Steam Workshop

Reuploading an release of TFAR to Steam Workshop without explicit permission is strictly forbidden. The only official Upload of TFAR in the Steam workshop is this one.

You are however given permission to upload your own modified version of TFAR. In the case that you do, your upload must be named in such a way that it is not to be confused with the official version of TFAR and clearly marked it as being modified. Names like "Task Force Arrowhead Radio" or "@task_force_radio" are therefore forbidden.

This permission does not extend to developer pre-release versions of TFAR. Those may not be uploaded in any form on Steam Workshop.

The official Maintainers NKey and Dedmen are exempt from this rule.

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